In June, during the session of the vidhan sabha in mumbai, dairy farmers demanded a higher price for milk
They want the government to give a price of Rs 34 per litre of milk from hybrid cows.
Some of the farmers who took part in the protest poured the milk on the road in the vicinity.
The police detained 15 farmers for pouring the milk on the road and released them after completing legal formalities.
A newspaper carried a photo of dogs feasting on the milk poured on the road.
when dairy farmers demand a higher price, why are online workers, investors, especially migrants from north karnataka who are victims of government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD not allowed to protest.

It appears that the domain investor is closely monitored wherever she goes. Earlier a short slim young woman with a dog was stalking the domain investor when she went out for shopping.
Now a look alike of fat tall greedy gujju domain fraudster stock trader raw employee amita patel is now stalking with large white-cream colored dog, living in a building complex in the vicinity. The dog is fairly large, and the dog owner has used a very long leash for the dog.
This poses a danger to the people in the area, as the dog is going and touching people and could even bite them if they are not careful.