monozygo, Reddit seller offfering Purepet adult dog food, reposted to help him.

20Kg Purepet adult dog food worth Rs 1699/- for Rs 1000/-
Non Political
Bangalore, India.

I made the mistake of buying dog food that my dogs had never tried before in such large quantity. They don’t seem to like it. I have already opened the packet and

taken around 1 Kg so there will be 19 Kg left. As I can’t return the product, I’m reselling it for a lower price. If your dogs eat this particular dog food regularly

then please consider buying it from me.


Product- Purepet adult dog food (Chicken and vegetables) Quantity- 20 Kg pack ( about 19 Kg left) Purchased on – 12. 08. 22

I can try getting it delivered to your place.

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Name of sender: Adrienne Farricelli
Email of sender:
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