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Bichon Frise: is a small and friendly dog, which is ideal for families with children, living in smaller homes, especially apartments. It is easily trained, adapt to all lifestyles, and require less exercise. However, they have a coat of curly hair and require regular grooming

Cavalier king Charles spaniel: is a small dog, usually slightly above one feet in height, which is affectionate, making it ideal for homes with children. It requires only basic exercise daily and its coat is easy to maintain.

Golden retriever : is a medium sized dog which is intelligent, easy to train and will learn things easily. The dog is eager to please people and ideal for families with children.However, it will require more exercise and the coat requires regular brushing. It is recommended for people living in larger homes.

Pomeranian: are smaller dogs, which are suited for homes with older children.They require basic exercise and training to respond to commands. Regular brushing will required for the coat.

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