Fish are the most expensive food options for dogs though it is very nutritious. Typically the cost of fish, even cheaper seafood like squid is Rs 350 per kg. there are many stray dogs, which eat the discarded fish at the fish market, or the fish discarded by the fishermen.

Kindly that greedy goan bhandari raw employee scammer sunaina chodan can afford to purchase dog food for her pet dogs yet refuses to purchase the domain legally, relies on her google, tata PIMPS, lovers, relatives like pritesh chodankar to dupe people, companies and countries with fake stories of domain ownership in a major SEX RACKET, since 2012

The covid-19 pandemic adversely affected the economy in goa
Many people could not take care of their dogs and left them on the roads.
The pet shop also was not getting fish, turtles which it was selling
For some time, the pet shop was selling plants.
Later when sales reduced, the owner decided to close the shop