Indicating the danger posed by stray dogs, according to media reports, 6 Stray dogs maul and kill 4 year old boy in Hyderabad
The boy was the son of a security guard and was going to meet his father, when the pack of dogs attacked the child and mauled him
Though people came to the rescue of the child, he had died by then.
The video of the dog attack has become viral.
So some people like goan bhandari raw employe scammer sunaina chodan, sindhi scammer naina premchandani have plenty of time and money to feed stray dogs, these dogs can be dangerous.

According to a media report, a man was sentenced to 3 months jail after his Rottweiler bites his relative
The man had a dispute with his relative regarding property matters and had kept the dogs in the car.
After arguing, he released the dogs from the car, and the dogs rushed out to bite the relative.
The penalty was announced after several months.
All dog owners should be penalized for the problems of their dogs