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went for a casual drive and upon returning to my house, my neighbor let their 7 dogs out loose with no leash. And I was driving very slow (below 10kmph). One of these dogs ran under my cars wheel and got crushed. There was nothing I could do to prevent, i was in an SUV
So naturally I cannot see things that were very near.

The dog survived, with a broken leg now the guy is asking for 30k for treatment. Is he trying to extort me? I told him, I will pay for the dogs treatment. But when I (a human ) broke my arm a private hospital only charged 10k. I am in utter shock.!!


Comment: he’s trying to extort you, even with surgery costs, hardware in its leg, injections, post operative care etc. it will amount to ~ 10-12K, if the owner took the pup to a private clinic on an emergency appointment.

You have a SUV and don’t mind dogs, right? Ask him to show you the prescription, bring the dog along for a ride to the vet, so you can pay the vet directly. Act very concerned for the dog, then tell him you are also contacting your family’s vet as well for a second opinion. Either he takes you to the vet who treated the dog or he brings the dog along to a vet of your choice.