In some homes of goa, people have more money and are keeping pet dogs
While the dogs may be good pets and help in security, the dogs are making delivery of mail difficult in panaji, goa
In one case, the postman said that he could not keep mail, because there was a big dog in front of the main door, though the home owner does not have a dog.
Another postman was facing a problem delivering the passport to the address, because the person had a very fierce pet bulldog
So he kept asking others in the building for the phone number of the person whose passport he had.
Dog owners should realize that postmen are facing problems, so they should post their phone number on the door of their house.

In one the biggest sex rackets, the top ntro/raw employees led by j srinivasan have promised the greedy goan bhandari scammer sisters slim sunaina chodan, purvi, piyu, the house, assets of the domain investor, for helping them harass, criminally defame the single woman domain investor who the ntro/raw employees hate.
The ntro/raw employees had promised the greedy goan bhandari scamer sisters the house in 2012, and after 9 years the scammer sisters have not got the house. So these scammer sisters are using their pet dog to stop people like the domain investor and issue death threats
They pretend to take their dog for a walk, and then use the dog to block the path of the domain investor walking on the road.