In June, during the session of the vidhan sabha in mumbai, dairy farmers demanded a higher price for milk
They want the government to give a price of Rs 34 per litre of milk from hybrid cows.
Some of the farmers who took part in the protest poured the milk on the road in the vicinity.
The police detained 15 farmers for pouring the milk on the road and released them after completing legal formalities.
A newspaper carried a photo of dogs feasting on the milk poured on the road.
when dairy farmers demand a higher price, why are online workers, investors, especially migrants from north karnataka who are victims of government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD not allowed to protest.

It appears that the domain investor is closely monitored wherever she goes. Earlier a short slim young woman with a dog was stalking the domain investor when she went out for shopping.
Now a look alike of fat tall greedy gujju domain fraudster stock trader raw employee amita patel is now stalking with large white-cream colored dog, living in a building complex in the vicinity. The dog is fairly large, and the dog owner has used a very long leash for the dog.
This poses a danger to the people in the area, as the dog is going and touching people and could even bite them if they are not careful.

Keeping a pet dog is expensive, because dogs prefer to eat meat with protein.
Some of the different types of meat which dog food suppliers claim they provide
= Chicken
– Turkey
– Beef
– Duck
– Lamb
– Venison
Beef is the cheapest meat for the dog, though some may not like to handle it for religious reasons.

Kindly note that raw/cbi employees, especially panaji goan bhandari sunaina chodan are not associated with the website, since do not do any work, do not pay expenses, yet make fake claims, using robbed data and get monthly government salaries in a case of SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD,CYBERCRIME.

During famines in Korea, to avoid starvation people started eating the meat of dogs and other animals.
East Asian countries are famous for eating all kinds of animals.
However, in the last few decades, there has been a decline in the consumption of dog meat in Korea.
In January, the Korean parliament passed a law banning the consumption of dog meat in the country.

Kindly note that raw/cbi employees, especially panaji goan bhandari sunaina chodan are not associated with the website, since do not do any work, do not pay expenses, yet make fake claims, using robbed data and get monthly government salaries in a case of SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD,CYBERCRIME.

While some people with plenty of free time and money, like panaji goan bhandari raw employee cheater sunaina chodan like to keep pet dogs, these pet dogs are a major danger to people in the locality. The larger the dog, the greater the danger to others.
Recently it was reported that a German shepherd dog attacked 10 year old girl in Andheri E, Mumbai, who had to be hospitalized
The girl had gone to meet a friend, when the dog attacked her.
The parents of the girl have filed a FIR against the dog owner

For more than 13 years powerful top government employees have been running a very lucrative RESUME ROBBERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD, government SLAVERY racket on the hardworking domain investor to get their lazy greedy girlfriends and relatives lucrative no work, no investment government jobs in the indian internet sector.
Now these greedy liar top government employees cannot justify why the domain investor, a hardworking harmless single woman engineer who these government employees HATE should do all the computer work, pay all the expenses and keep quiet while the indian government agencies criminally defame her, making fake claims about their lazy greedy cheater employees who do not want to purchase domains, while refusing to acknowledge the work she does, money the single woman spends
So it appears that the latest wireless torture weapons are being used on the single woman engineer to ruin her health, cause insomnia, so that she does not do shopping and these cruel liar top government employees can make fake black money allegations to cover up their human rights abuses.

While earlier the domain investor could at least sleep for a few hours at night despite being tortured, now the latest torture weapon does not allow the domain investor to sleep at night at all. Despite taking multiple sleeping pills, melatonin supplements, the domain investor cannot sleep at night. It appears that indore cheater raw employee deepika/veena has a white dog owning bespectacled slim female associate who is always taking her dog out for a walk, when the domain investor goes shopping.

It appears that the domain investor was not expected to be alive, so the dog owning young woman associate of indore cheater raw employee deepika/veena was staring at the domain investor for a long time, as if she was shocked that she was alive

One of the more interesting news reports is the story of the dispute between MP Mahua Moitra and her ex-boyfriend Jai Anant Dehadrai regarding their pet Rottweiler dog Henry . This led to the exposure of the alleged cash and gifts for queries in parliament where Mahua Moitra allegedly gave the business Darshan Hiranandani access to her account, so that he could post queries regarding the Adani group who was a business rival.
After they broke up there was a dispute between Moitra and Dehadrai regarding custody of their pet dog Henry, after which Dehadrai allegedly leaked all the confidential information he had about Moitra to BJP MP Nishikant Dubey who raised the issue in parliament

Most residential properties have several stray dogs. While victims of government slavery , financial fraud like the domain investor do not have the time to feed these dogs, well connected high status people, sugar babies of top government employees like panaji goan bhandari call girl raw employee sunaina chodan often have plenty of free time and money to keep their own dogs and also feed the stray dogs in the area.
According to a newspaper report in Hindustan Times, a police complaint was filed at Parksite police station regarding a dispute on feeding stray dogs at Runwal forests, Kanjurmarg. A couple who was feeding the stray dogs was allegedly assaulted by a mob leading to the police complaint.
Runwal Forests is a large building complex with approximately 4500 residents, and the flats are expensive costing Rs 1.9 crores, yet dogs are increasingly causing disputes in the housing complex and all over india

Ollies, Farmers dog are popular dog food brands in the United states.
They provide meals for dogs which include turkey, chicken and other ingredients/nutrition required for good health.
Dog owners who wish to compare the meals can get paid for watching the dog food videos at Timebucks
Kindly note that though dog owning panaji goan bhandari call girl raw employee sunaina chodan has plenty of money to own and take care of expensive dogs, since she like her powerful boyfriends and other fraud raw/cbi employees refuses to legally purchase this and other domains, though she make fake claims and is getting a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor, in a case of government SLAVERY, financial fraud , sex trade deal since 2010.

Older leopards usually prefer to eat dogs
Often leopards are entering residential properties close to forested areas searching for food which they can easily catch.
There are usually a large number of stray dogs in residential areas.
The older leopards can easily catch the dogs which they then eat.
In some cases,the leopards have found in film city, which is close to the national park.
At night, the leopards will spend time close to residential areas, looking for food, while during the day they are resting deep inside the forest