Dog owners should pick up dog poop according to reddit user sankalp89 Uttar Pradesh
Scoop law: Don’t even get me started on this one. In the western world, dog owners carry a plastic bag and pick up after their dogs. They don’t leave it for the sanitation worker to pick it up the next day. In India I don’t expect pet owners to pick up after their dogs EVER, because you know, cultural reasons. So we just leave it there on the side of the streets and complain about the sanitation worker for not picking it up on time.

according to hkw4gw2
As an Indian dog owner who lives in a country which is only now coming to terms with increasing dog ownership, I can confirm that Indians are the worst dog owners – they buy “status” dogs like huskies that they don’t know how to care for or train, foist the responsibility of walking and exercising the dog on the house help, and NEVER pick up their dog’s poop. The number of disgusted sideways glances I get from other dog owners when picking up my dog’s poop is really the most infuriating thing. The country I live in has extremely harsh penalties for littering/making a mess in public, and I’ll shed not a single tear for any one of those guys who picks up a hefty fine for exactly this!