Indian dog owners are extremely irresponsible according to reddit user sankalp89 Uttar Pradesh
Some Indian pet owners are highly irresponsible and entitled assholes. Not all, but some for sure. No offenses to the good ones.

I live in a western country and here you would hardly hear a dog bark (or a kid screaming and crying at the top of his/her voice in the public for that matter). Even if you come across a dog in the lift/elevator who starts barking, the owner takes it on them to calm the dog down because it’s not other persons fault that the dog is barking on them. However, in India some dog owners don’t ever calm the dog down when it’s barking unnecessarily. As a matter of fact, they want the dog to bark since they think it’ll keep the burglars away.

Some of these entitled assholes wouldn’t even flinch if their dog is barking or trying to bite a person who’s of the lower social status than them.