Indicating the growing inequalities in india, government agencies make it very difficult for some citizens to make enough to pay their daily expenses, while others who are well connected are making enough to lead a lavish life.
One very rich person advertised in times of india that he or she wanted a dog caretaker in his house in north goa
He was will to pay a monthly salary of Rs 15000 for the dog caretaker
The dog caretaker ad in times of india may have not got a good response, so the ad was posted in navhind times/herald.

One of the trends noticeable in panaji is that many young people with a dog are very dishonest like Young panaji scammer bespectacled aryan and his sister aarohi.
Most dog owners are using a leash to hold their dog when outdoors, so that the dog does not wander about, does not bite or attack other people, animals
Young panaji scammer bespectacled aryan is not holding his white service dog bruno with a leash when he takes the dog for a walk.
The dog is left alone and is free to do whatever he likes, though the dog has a collar and leash.
So the dog is always sniffing around, and people have to be careful to ensure that dog does not come and lick or sniff at them, especially if they do not like dogs.

Fish are the most expensive food options for dogs though it is very nutritious. Typically the cost of fish, even cheaper seafood like squid is Rs 350 per kg. there are many stray dogs, which eat the discarded fish at the fish market, or the fish discarded by the fishermen.

Kindly that greedy goan bhandari raw employee scammer sunaina chodan can afford to purchase dog food for her pet dogs yet refuses to purchase the domain legally, relies on her google, tata PIMPS, lovers, relatives like pritesh chodankar to dupe people, companies and countries with fake stories of domain ownership in a major SEX RACKET, since 2012

According to news reports on hindi TV channels, dogs are eating bodies of covid-19 victims in Uttarkhand
In north india, a large number of covid-19 victims are poor, and their families cannot afford to cremate them.
So the families are dumping the dead bodies in the river at night. These bodies are washed ashore and eaten by the dogs in that area.
In other cases, there were heavy rains in the area, and some of buried bodies were also washed away
These bodies are deposited on the river banks in Uttarkhand, and stray dogs are eating the bodies.

Indicating how ruthless and greedy Panaji’s top sindhi scammer family of kolhapur school dropout naina premchandani who looks like actress sneha wagh are in cheating exploiting robbing a hardworking single woman engineer to become extremely rich and powerful, they have done deals with almost all sections of goan society to get away with their domain ownership, online, banking fraud
The sindhi tie up with the goan bhandaris was obvious first, with sindhi scammer xerox shop owner pran premchandani feeding the dogs of goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan in the morning for at least some time.
Due to government slavery in panaji, goa, the sindhi scammer family are getting monthly government salaries for faking bank account domain ownership, and have plenty of money, free time. Since top indian government employees like nikhil sha, parmar, tushar parekh, are licking the feet of naina, she has plenty of free time, and money to cook excess food, which her family cannot eat. In contrast the domain investor who is victim of government slavery, especially in goa, has almost no free time, so she is eating stale food, which is three days old.
So in the morning every day, the sindhi scammers are feeding the crows and birds of panaji. Then the remaining food, pran premchandani was taking to goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan’s house and saying ‘doggie eat’

In some homes of goa, people have more money and are keeping pet dogs
While the dogs may be good pets and help in security, the dogs are making delivery of mail difficult in panaji, goa
In one case, the postman said that he could not keep mail, because there was a big dog in front of the main door, though the home owner does not have a dog.
Another postman was facing a problem delivering the passport to the address, because the person had a very fierce pet bulldog
So he kept asking others in the building for the phone number of the person whose passport he had.
Dog owners should realize that postmen are facing problems, so they should post their phone number on the door of their house.

In one the biggest sex rackets, the top ntro/raw employees led by j srinivasan have promised the greedy goan bhandari scammer sisters slim sunaina chodan, purvi, piyu, the house, assets of the domain investor, for helping them harass, criminally defame the single woman domain investor who the ntro/raw employees hate.
The ntro/raw employees had promised the greedy goan bhandari scamer sisters the house in 2012, and after 9 years the scammer sisters have not got the house. So these scammer sisters are using their pet dog to stop people like the domain investor and issue death threats
They pretend to take their dog for a walk, and then use the dog to block the path of the domain investor walking on the road.

Dogs are the most popular pet, because in addition to providing relaxation, or entertainment, they are also very effective for security, because they bark loudly at intruders and also bite them if they feel threatened. This is in contrast to other pets like cats, which do not detect intruders and also do not attack them causing injuries

However, compared to other pets, dogs are very high maintenance pets, since they require food which is fairly expensive and a lot of care. The dogs usually have to be taken for a walk at least twice a day. In contrast other pet animals like cats do not have to be taken for a walk, they only have to be given proper food. Training a dog is also more difficult. Pet fish and birds are very low maintenance compared to pet dogs

While a pet is a good source of relaxation and entertainment, every pet owner should consider the expenses involved before taking a decision. In addition to healthcare and grooming expenses, it is also important to consider the food expenses. Dogs are usually far bigger than cats or other pet animals so they require meat and other types of high protein food

It appears that the covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected the goan economy after it started in 2020, and many families have released their dogs. while stray pigs and cows can be spotted in some areas of panaji roaming around, it is usually difficult to find stray dogs. yet after the lockdown was announced, there were groups of stray dogs wandering around searching for food. The stray dogs are usually eating food scraps, fish and other items which they can get hold of.