Dispute regarding feeding stray dogs leads to police complaints in large building complex

Most residential properties have several stray dogs. While victims of government slavery , financial fraud like the domain investor do not have the time to feed these dogs, well connected high status people, sugar babies of top government employees like panaji goan bhandari call girl raw employee sunaina chodan often have plenty of free time and money to keep their own dogs and also feed the stray dogs in the area.
According to a newspaper report in Hindustan Times, a police complaint was filed at Parksite police station regarding a dispute on feeding stray dogs at Runwal forests, Kanjurmarg. A couple who was feeding the stray dogs was allegedly assaulted by a mob leading to the police complaint.
Runwal Forests is a large building complex with approximately 4500 residents, and the flats are expensive costing Rs 1.9 crores, yet dogs are increasingly causing disputes in the housing complex and all over india