Dog owner assaulted after dog kills pet parrot

Only those who have plenty of money like bull dog owning goan bhandari raw employee call girl sunaina chodan, can afford to keep a pet dog. Additionally the dog owner is responsible for the damage caused by the pet dog like this reddit post shows

Today my pet dog killed someone’s pet parrot. Ik it’s my dog’s mistake and our family to blame but he accidentally went out of the house and killed the bird. It’s owner came started abusing my father as he was not there at the moment I was alone he was keep on saying bad words to my father I listened quietly as it was the mistake of pur dog but I was alone and called my father asked when will he come he said it’ll take him about an hour. The owner got angrier and angrier I asked him uncle where do you live? I’ll send send father then to talk to you. He got more furious as he was my neighbour and I didn’t know him. What wrong did I do? Just asked him where does he reside? He kept on abusing then I lost my temper it was out of my tolerance to be honest I said why are you keep on abusing him?? He said call your father right now l’Il beat him and so I got furious and shouted at him. I said keep on abusing I’II record it then he stopped abusing. Then his nephew came and shouted at me dude I was alone there what could I do??? After then he went his home. After an hour later the boys of their house shouted at me abused me badly one guy even squeezed my mouth. I don’t know what to do because it all started because of our dog’s mistake.

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