Keeping dogs as pets

Dogs are the most popular pet, because in addition to providing relaxation, or entertainment, they are also very effective for security, because they bark loudly at intruders and also bite them if they feel threatened. This is in contrast to other pets like cats, which do not detect intruders and also do not attack them causing injuries

However, compared to other pets, dogs are very high maintenance pets, since they require food which is fairly expensive and a lot of care. The dogs usually have to be taken for a walk at least twice a day. In contrast other pet animals like cats do not have to be taken for a walk, they only have to be given proper food. Training a dog is also more difficult. Pet fish and birds are very low maintenance compared to pet dogs

While a pet is a good source of relaxation and entertainment, every pet owner should consider the expenses involved before taking a decision. In addition to healthcare and grooming expenses, it is also important to consider the food expenses. Dogs are usually far bigger than cats or other pet animals so they require meat and other types of high protein food

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